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A 1-Day Electrical Seminar with Hands-On Multimeter Training for Safety

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The NFPA 70E® requires, in Article 110, that electrical workers be trained to select the appropriate voltage detector and shall demonstrate how to use a device to verify the absence of voltage.

You can meet that requirement and learn how to use a multimeter with this seminar. Attendees will receive a certificate showing that the voltage checking device demonstration requirement of the NFPA 70E® has been met!

Each student will be trained on the safe use of digital multimeters and will be required to demonstrate his or her ability to safely use a multimeter to test an electrical circuit for the absence of voltage.

In addition, the electrical fundamentals needed for competent use of digital multimeters will be explained during this seminar along with the differences between AC & DC, volts, amps, and ohms. The meaning of these terms will be covered in the most basic and simplest of terms.

The student will demonstrate to the instructor, as part of a final exam, the ability to safely use a digital multimeter to check for the absence of voltage.

This 2-day safety seminar is an excellent addition to your electrical safety training program.

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Topics in this Seminar Include:  

Learn how to use the Digital Multi-Meter
Learn how to measure resistance, voltage, amperage, continuity
Learn how to inspect and test your Digital Multi-Meter
Learn how to properly and safely take a voltage reading
Learn how to properly measure three phase voltage
Learn how to use the Clamp On Ammeter
Learn how to measure AC and DC Current
Learn how to identify and know the hazards involved in performing
these tasks and the safe guards to prevent injuries

Course: Using Multimeters for Safety
Length: 1 Day 
Tuition: $695

Dates & Location:

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Course Description: 

This course is provided to help you meet NFPA-70E requirements. We recommend the those with little or no electrical knowledge take the electrical fundamentals course instead. Electrical Fundamentals

Who Should Attend:

Anyone who's work requires that they be within the limited approach boundary* of an exposed electrical circuit.

Equipment Requirements:

Electrical Training USA has Fluke® multimeters available for use in the classroom. It is highly recommended that students bring to class and train on the actual meter they will be using at the workplace. Meters should have a minimum category rating of Class III for industrial work. Non-contact voltage sensors and meters without an IEC category rating are not acceptable. Please contact the seminar instructor if you require a loaner meter. Students will also need safety glasses.

Other recommended seminars:

It is highly recommended that anyone working in the electrical field, no matter what level of experience or training, attend our Electrical Safety for OSHA Compliance seminar which includes coverage of the NFPA 70E®.  This seminar provides information about arc flash and how to select the proper PPE.

CPR training is also now required as part of the NFPA 70E® and can be included, as an option, as a part of our Electrical Safety for OSHA Compliance seminar.

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