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Using an oscilloscope

Basic Electronics Seminar Description:

This hands-on electronics workshop training seminar is designed as a beginning level electronics course which will provide the student with an understanding of basic electronic circuitry and discrete electronic component theory and testing. This seminar should be the student's first step in electronics repair training. The course begins with hands-on oscilloscope theory and operation with exercises and digital multimeter operation. Electronic circuits including resistors, capacitors, diodes, and transistors are then constructed and tested. Transformer theory is introduced. The student will develop a working knowledge of electronic components while constructing and testing, using an oscilloscope, basic electronic circuits. The course progresses into a detailed study of common semiconductor components. Students will construct basic electronics circuits and will learn to test their circuits using test meters and an oscilloscope. A final exercise includes construction and testing of a regulated, filtered DC power supply.

Course: Basic Industrial Electronics
Length: 3 Days 
Tuition: $1395

Dates & Location:

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Electronics Seminar Topics:

  • Oscilloscope Theory & Operation
  • DC Theory
  • Ohms Law & Kirchoff's Law
  • Resistors, Capacitors, & Circuits
  • Diodes, Rectifiers & Circuits
  • Transistors
  • Transistor Amplifiers
  • AC Theory
  • Capacitive & Inductive Reactance
  • Filters and Chokes
  • Power Supplies

Who Should Attend:
Electricians, Instrument Technicians, Maintenance Supervisors, Plant Engineers, and anyone interested in a rapid learning of basic electronics.

Equipment Requirements:
Hand-held calculator and safety glasses.

Enrollment is limited. Call 281-393-1711 for registration information
and to reserve your space.

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