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Spring - Summer 2016

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Location 1

AC Drives - Theory & Application
(For Engineers, Designers, & Sales Staff)

1 Day

2016 - Call

Houston, TX

AC Drives - Application & Maintenance
(For Maintenance Electricians & Technicians)

3 Days

4/5 - 4/7
6/14 - 6/16

Houston, TX
Houston, TX

Electrical Fundamentals

2 Days

3/2 - 3/3

Houston, TX

Electrical Fundamentals with Arc Flash
2 Days
2016 - Call
Houston, TX

Basic Industrial

3 Days
3/22 - 3/24

Houston, TX

Using Digital Multimeters for Safety
(An OSHA Compliance Seminar)
1 Day
Call for Onsite Training Not

Basic Motor Controls

2 Days



PLC Hardware & Programming

4 Days

3/8 - 3/11

Houston, TX

Introduction to The National
Electrical Code (NEC

2 Days



Electrical Safety,
Arc Flash, & Shock

(An OSHA Compliance Seminar)

Proposal to Hold This Seminar Onsite

1 Day

11/4 - 11/7

Houston, TX

*TBA - To be announced - check back soon 1 Houston based seminars are held at a hotel meeting room in the beautiful Clear Lake / NASA Bay area of Houston located about 20 minutes south of Houston Hobby Airport just off of I-45 South towards Galveston. Click here for hotel information and more about this family fun oriented vacation spot. You'll be glad you came - everyone else has been.

Want to hold a seminar at YOUR location?
All seminars may be held either on-site at your facility or a near-by hotel.
Contact us for an onsite training cost proposal for any of our seminars. Let us know about your training needs. (Custom training is what we do best.)




This seminar will provide the student with information that can be immediately be put to work troubleshooting, repairing, and maintaining basic industrial AC motor controls. Electrical drawings and schematics are introduced using real world example drawings for explanation and reference. The electrical components common to AC motor controls are examined along with how they are used in typical control circuits. Emphases are placed on understanding the operation of control devices and circuits in order to to enable the maintenance technician to confidently troubleshoot and make repairs.

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This 1-day electrical seminar is designed to introduce the attendee to AC drive systems including theory of AC drive operation and proper motor selection. The student is introduced to concepts of variable frequency adjustable speed control and AC motor theory. Typical applications are discussed along with common pitfalls.This is an excellent seminar for electrical designers, plant engineers, and sales staff involved in specifying AC drives or electric motors to be used in conjunction with AC drives.


This 3-day hands-on electrical seminar is designed to provide the student with a thorough working knowledge of the application and maintenance of variable frequency AC drive systems. The course includes horsepower and torque theory, an introduction to basic electricity, and then undertakes a detailed study of the function and testing of the major AC drive components - the components most likely to fail and require replacement. The course concludes with each student connecting a 3-phase motor to an AC drive and hands-on AC drive programming, setup, and operation. This seminar includes everything in the AC Drives - Theory and Application seminar plus additional information for the maintenance technician.


This electronics seminar is designed as a beginning level electronics course which will provide the student with an understanding of basic electronic circuitry and component testing. The course begins with oscilloscope theory and operation and analog and digital multimeter operation. Electronic circuits that include resistors, capacitors, diodes, and transistors are constructed and tested.

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This is our most our most basic, introductory level electrical seminar. This seminar is for beginners who want to get acquainted with the basic concepts of electricity and for mechanical maintenance personnel who would like to have a basic understanding of electrical concepts.
This seminar is well suited for people who have a need to understand basic electrical terminology for their job and for mechanical maintenance personnel who will benefit from electrical cross-training. It provides a good review for journeyman electricians. This seminar also includes volt meter training and certification necessary to meet current NFPA 70E® standards.

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This is an electrical seminar that is intended to teach the student how to safely check for the absence of voltage in an electrical panel prior to the commencement of work as set forth in the 2009 edition of the NFPA 70E®.
This seminar is essential for anyone working within the limited approach boundary* of an exposed electrical circuit - energized or not.

Electrical fundamentals needed for competent use of digital multimeters will be explained during this seminar along with the differences between AC & DC, volts, amps, and ohms. The meaning of these terms will be covered in the most basic and simplest of terms.

Each student will be trained on the safe use of digital multimeters and will be required to demonstrate his or her ability to safely use a multimeter to test an electrical circuit for the absence of voltage.

The student will receive certification upon demonstrating to the instructor, as a final exam, the ability to safely use a digital multimeter to check for the absence of voltage.

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ELECTRICAL SAFETY, ARC FLASH, & SHOCKOSHA evaluates compliance with its electrical safety regulations, OSHA 1910 Subpart S and OSHA 1926 Subpart K, using the comprehensive information in NFPA 70E® . OSHA bases its electrical safety mandates on the NFPA 70E®. While OSHA tells you what to avoid electrical dangers, this seminar, with information provided by the NFPA 70E®, tells you how.

Each attendee will receive a certificate of electrical safety training for permanent record.

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A course designed for those working in the residential, commercial, or industrial electrical industry. The course uses Delmar Publishers' current edition of Interpreting The National Electrical Code as its textbook, which is organized into 15 units covering each subject addressed in the Code Book. Each Article of the Code is thoroughly discussed and reviewed in easy-to-understand language. After each unit the student is encouraged to complete a comprehensive practical review worksheet in order to verify the student's understanding of the material presented in the unit. A final examination is given to determine the student's overall comprehension of the NEC based on the material presented in the course.

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PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC CONTROLLERS - HARDWARE AND PROGRAMMING This course provides the student with useful information, a working knowledge of PLC systems, and self-confidence in troubleshooting PLC systems that can be immediately put to work on the job. The course is designed to let the student “learn-by-doing”. The information will be presented to the student with a good balance of lecture and hands-on lab work. During the lab work the student will assemble and wire a complete PLC controlled system, consisting of a PLC back plane (rack), CPU, digital and analog input and output modules, counter modules, and a motor control circuit.The course includes a study of analog and digital control, basic input and output control loops, theory of counter operation, types of switches and proximity sensors, programming alarm points, count registers, and count monitoring. A PLC and a laptop computer are provided for each student

A thorough examination of basic AC motor controls and circuits, relay logic, electrical control drawings, and PLC logic is also included.

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