AC Drives - Application & Maintenance
A 3-Day Hands-On Variable Frequency Drive
Training Seminar for Maintenance

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This is NOT a sales seminar. This is a heavy hands-on variable frequency drive training workshop. Students will learn PWM AC drive systems. Each student will train on, learn on, troubleshoot, test, connect, operate, and program an actual 3-phase AC drive. Electrical Training USATM and Drive Systems, Inc., our parent company, have no affiliation with nor do we represent any manufacturer of any kind of electrical equipment.

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AC Drives - Theory and Application


AC drives training topics:
  • Evolution of adjustable speed drives
  • AC & DC electrical terminology
  • AC motor theory
  • Choosing the correct motor
  • AC drive (VFD) theory
  • AC drive terminology
  • AC drive applications with discussion of various types
    of drives including vector drives

  • Properly matching a drive to a machine
  • Benefits of over-speeding motors
  • Typical application mistakes & pitfalls
  • Mechanical theory: horsepower & torque
  • Basic AC & DC electrical theory for drives
  • Transformer basics
  • AC motor theory with NEMA nameplate definitions
  • Semiconductor theory and diode rectifiers with lab
  • Examination, theory, and testing the major AC drive components including the input rectifier, soft-charge resistor, buss capacitors, and output transistors
  • Examination of AC drive construction
  • Common error codes and solutions
  • Diagnosing drive problems
  • Recommended drive start-up procedure
  • Hands-on AC drive and motor operation and programming

Course: AC Drives - Application & Maintenance
Length: 3 Days
Tuition: $1395
Dates & Location:

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Course Description: 

This seminar provides maintenance personnel and technicians with useful information about AC drives that can be immediately put to work on the job. The functions and testing procedures of the major drive components are examined in detail. The hands-on training also includes connecting a 9-lead, 3-phase motor to an AC drive and programming the drive for proper operation. The student will start-up and operate the drive in the classroom and will be faced with programming challenges. Upon completion of this seminar the student will be able to troubleshoot, repair, program, and solve most drive related problems including programming and start-up of new or replacement AC drives. While the information provided in this seminar can be applied to all modern brands of PWM type AC drives, the hands-on drive programming will be performed on Allen-Bradley AC drives.

Excerpts taken from the AC Drives student manual:

The Magnets within the Motor and Motor Torque
When the voltage applied to a motor is increased the current flowing through the electro-magnets in the motor increases resulting in higher field strength and increased motor torque output. This is a commonly used technique, especially in AC drive applications and is a very good way to gain torque capability when needed. This technique can cause higher than normal motor heating resulting in reduced motor life. Close monitoring of the motor is required. Avoid saturating the core.

Motor Speed

Student Manual Cover

Motor speed is directly proportional to the applied frequency (or Hertz). Increase the applied frequency and the motor will speed up. Reduce the frequency and the motor will slow down.

The speed at which the magnetic field in the motor is rotating is called the synchronous speed because it runs in direct synchronism with the AC generator that is providing the power...

Who Should Attend:
Plant and Facility Maintenance Personnel, Technicians, Maintenance Supervisors
Equipment Requirements:
Hand-held calculator and safety-glasses. Digital multimeters are provided for use during the seminar. It is recommended however, that students bring the meters they will be using on the job if possible.

Note: "AC Drives" are commonly referred to as "Variable Frequency Drives" or "VFDs" and the terms are often used interchangeably.

Enrollment is limited. Call 281-393-1711 for registration information
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This seminar is held in Houston, Chicago, Tampa, Nashville, Sacramento, Nashville, Pensacola, Mobile, Texas,
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